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April 2, 2020
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August 7, 2020

Amanda Dambuza: Baked in pain for greatness

Arising to be your best self following life curveballs which meant to tear you down isn’t for everyone. Many threw in the towel, and others are just barely living.  But, after being baked in childhood pain: rejection, abandonment and abuse, Amanda Dambuza successfully unleashed the chains.

Your traumatic past may just be the fuel you need to soar

Amanda Dambuza

Amanda (43 ) is a married mother of three, recently appointed Grindrod Bank’s Chairperson of the Board of directors, author of Baked in pain. She is also the Chief Executive of Uyandiswa; a project management consulting firm she founded 7 years ago and is the Director of Leadership Development Strategies, a company focusing on leadership & executive development, coaching, talent identification and teaming.

Prior to founding her own companies, Amanda had spent most of her over 13-year corporate career in the Financial Services industry, particularly banking. She held various senior roles at all four major banks in South Africa with her last role as a Chief Information Officer at a multi-national bank.

In addition, Dambuza is 2017 overall winner of the international business woman award Veuve Clicquot ELLE Boss having won the entrepreneurship category as well. This award is to honour inspiring businesswomen who empower, support and encourage female creativity and leadership.

She was also nominated as one of the top 50 women through Inspiring Fifty an initiative in cooperation with the Kingdom of the Netherlands, for the most inspiring South African women in the technology and innovation sectors.

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