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9 Ways to come out of the lockdown stronger than you were before

While in crisis mode, we have the opportunity to recognize how to make improvements in our lives. This strange and unprecedented time brings about a unique opportunity with social distancing: More time and more space.

Therefore, use it time wisely: reevaluate your life, develop new habits and do things that adds to your personal growth.

Below are ideas for coming out stronger than you were before

Use social distancing this time to reconnect with your family

While in crisis, we have an opportunity to make improvements to our lives. Social distancing reminds us that families are a necessity. Some families will break down further. And others will rise to the occasion and work through their differences.

Therefore, use this time to cement your family bond. Develop a family culture. Have bonding sessions: read, cook, home school, converse, play, and watch a movie. You’ll be amazing of how much you’ve missed out on.

Restaurants and bars are closed, optimize your relationship with food and water

Why don’t you eat more healthy food?

Eating at home is healthier. You can control your portions, select ingredients you like, and choose to cook food that is safe from any allergens.

So, this is right time to learn to make prepare healthy meals you will enjoy. Start with just one and from there. And this new habit can extend long after social distancing has ended.

Reevaluate your lifestyle

Social distancing might just be your big break to getting rid of the habits you’ve been battling with. Habits like alcohol, smoking, unnecessary spending and others. As we know socializing is predominantly rooted around them.

Yes, you’re not an alcoholic, and doesn’t have noticeable effects. However, if you

This is an opportunity to reset the parameters of your relationship with alcohol, and smoking.

Evaluate your monthly and see where you can save few pennies going forward.

Commit to a no excuse exercise

That the gyms are closed doesn’t mean you have to come out of the lockdown 15kg heavier. Good thing is, you no longer have to commute to work. And, that gives you 15 free minutes you can use to exercise.

Exercise is not only good for weight management, it has shown to have many benefits, both physically and mentally. So yeah, even though you don’t have access to the weights and machines, get started.

Revisit your game plan

A good plan is flexible. Now that the unprecedented time has hit, your initial plan is disrupted. Realign your plan. This gives you an opportunity to consider how you will get back on track if this crisis affected you it in any way. 

Get reading

Reading is amongst the first things that fall off when we get busy. Now that you have a bit of time in your hands, get reading.

Reading not only does it develop your mind, it also imparts valuable lessons from

Journaling: Have a better connection with your goals, emotions and values

Journaling can be used for habit-tracking such as work, goals, exercise or your daily mood.  The bestselling author Tim Ferris claims that journaling is the most cost-effective therapy he’s ever found.

Lay the groundwork for your next move e.g. career development, new business, side gig

This crisis undoubtedly presents a precarious time income and career wise. There’s a lot of uncertainty and fear surrounding the future of the economy.

So, start researching those business ideas and nagging questions you have around them. Register a company. Register for an online course, or a masterclass. Contact the editor for a freelance work. Commit some time every day to writing your book.  

Whatever it is, use this unique opportunity to get started.

Evaluate your spending habits

Your bank account is all smiles this month. You are not commuting to work, no takeaways, bars are closed. Now, go through your bank statement and check where you can cut down. And channel that money correctly. Pay off your debt, increase on your savings, open an investment, or even use it to study.  Just make your money work for you.

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